Welcome to our website.

Welcome to our website.

We look forward to welcoming you to our home.

Ours is a family affair, entirely independent of any organisation. Our aim is to share our home with you, and offer you the chance to discover the Cévennes region, its rich history and the local way of life today. Whether you come to us on foot - with or without a donkey - by horse or by car, you will be treated as “hôtes”, inquisitive travellers looking to meet and learn more about the people who call their destination home.

We have opted for a certain simplicity, using local produce wherever possible (from the garden to the plate) and wood fuel for heating the outbuildings and the main house itself.

Rather than the usual standardised accommodation, we prefer to offer our guests a more personalised experience. Each of our rooms is different, each has a doorway or a window into the stunning countryside, and each has well-stocked bookshelves. These little libraries are a reminder of the strong connection that the Cévenol people have traditionally always had with the culture of the written word, and its important role in the struggle to resist intolerance and absolutism, and to guarantee freedom of conscience.

This is walking country. Here, we walk from room to room, to the dining room, or to the library. We walk to observe the natural world, to admire the landscape, to understand how these valleys and mountains have been shaped by the hand of men and women, generation after generation. And each step is an invitation to calm reflection, perhaps even rejuvenation, an opportunity to take a breath and draw new life from the richness of nature.

We would like your stay at the Cauvel to be a different kind of break. We do not hold the view that this should be a “home from home”.

So here you will find no sauna and no swimming pool. What you will find is a warm welcome and we will be delighted to tell you all about our chosen way of life here in the Cévennes, and to point out the best rivers to bathe in, and the best peaks to climb to discover the rolling succession of mountains and valleys so typical of the Cevennes.