The House

Deep in the heart of the protected Cévennes National Park and Biosphere Reserve, now a Unesco world heritage site.

The Cauvel is an excellent base from which to discover the riches of this region. There are numerous hiking paths easily accessible from the house, offering the perfect opportunity to explore the nature, history and beauty of the Cévenol valleys.

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The house itself dates from the late 12th century, when the high tower and first buildings were constructed, and was substantially updated in the 18th century with the creation of the east facade.

The various buildings, constructed from shale and with traditional “lauze” or flatstone roofs, formed a manor that was home to a modest Cévenol lord.

The residents lived simply, growing their own produce and raising livestock. Nestling in a small sheltered hollow in the mountainside, the buildings look out over the valley, offering a typical view of the Cévennes.